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Getting to know our busy mind...

is the first step that we can take in helping to nourish ourselves. Practicing mindfulness to train our mind to be ready to face up to adversity, learn to be calm, deal with overwhelming emotions, anxiety, worries and stressful moments, is something that we can do to look after the well-being of our own and our loved ones. 

Mindfulness is the practice of awareness, in paying attention to the present moment, without judgment and on purpose ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Our founder, Danica, has been trained to offer mindfulness curriculums for adults, adolescents and youth in schools, and athletes. We are also supportive of creating a trauma-informed aware environment for people who may have experienced past traumatic experiences,  inclusivity for individuals of non-binary and with special needs.

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Treating our body well...

and giving it what it needs is essential to living a more fulfilling life is so important! More often or not, we live such busy lives and our body tends to overwork and tire. It is just so important for us to give back to our body, giving it the time attention it deserves, and fuelling our hearts and mind. 

It is true when someone says that you are what you eat. We believe the same in doing what's best for our body that will make us the better version of ourselves. This is a calling for the mind, body and heart to be true to itself. <3

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About Six Spac

Education. Heal. Xperience.

We are all about the ebbs and flows in our lives, and this is what makes us human.

Six Spac offers health and wellness coaching to individuals and groups through the approach of mindfulness, yoga therapeutics, exercise and sports science. We believe that these elements are inter-related and are all important aspects for us to find a greater balance for and within ourselves. This is a journey that anyone can embark on and we are grateful to be on the road with you.

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"I feel that I have a more positive outlook on life, and I'm not as hard on myself as before."

N. Tan - Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction

" I feel relaxed and calm. I got inspired by others' sharings too! It's really good to know the different ways to focus on the present moment."

G. Huang - Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction

"Over the course of practice, I began to realise that I was learning something different and somehow, I noticed that my observation and analysis skills improved. I’ve also started to notice a difference with my approach during shooting and learnt to break down my thought process instead of having the tendency to jump into conclusions. I feel very grateful for this experience that I had from the practice."

HH. Goh - Mindfulness for Athlete Performance

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