What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of awareness; paying attention on purpose, with open-heartedness, curiosity and in the present moment.

Simply explained, mindfulness practice involves cultivating awareness of the body and the mind, to recognise habitual thinking patterns, developing the ability to observe, without reactivity, and being able to respond to situations with clarity and focus.

The mindfulness practice also guides us to develop our sensory receptors with the body and cultivates a balance in our ability to conceptualise and experience.


Learning this practice will help us to find the capacity, make time and space to care and listen to ourselves. Guiding us to align our thoughts, emotions, feelings within the body and the mind as we find them within our everyday moments.

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How can mindfulness help?

Very often, we are here but where is our mind at? 

It is such a natural phenomenon that our mind wanders and when we are not in the present state, we fall into just doing and existing in this world.


Mindfulness practice teaches us how to be in the "being" mode, to guide our attention and the mind back to the present moment when we drift away.

As we become more aware holistically, we naturally open the door to greater opportunities and positive change.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Having the greater capacity to deal with stress (reducing amygdala activity)

  • Increases in a sense of balance and well-being 

  • Increases in energy levels and overall productivity

  • Improve levels of attention, concentration, and focus

  • Reduce anxiety and depression symptoms

  • Stronger immune system

  • Functioning with a clearer mind

  • An increase in a sense of connection, meaning, and purpose

  • Improve relationship satisfaction with self and others

  • Possessing a skill set that that be applied any time and anywhere

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