Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

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What does the MBSR course involve?

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What is different about MBSR from other contemporary mindfulness practices?

  • MBSR is a well studied evidence-based approach since the 1970s. 

  • Research has shown that 8 weeks is the optimum time for new cognitive, emotional, neurological and behavioural changes to become embedded.

  • The programme guides participants to consider a sense of self-responsibility and commitment as mindfulness can become an essential in daily life

  • Actual practice of mindfulness will help participants to develop a personal practice


  • It can transform things deeply for the ones who decide to lean into practice.

Who is this for?

  • One who is looking to deal with and reduce work, family or health-related stress

  • Anyone who wishes to improve on their mental health and resilience

  • Someone who hopes to work with up-keeping their physical health and well-being

What are the benefits and why is mindfulness practice important?

  • Having the greater capacity to deal with stress

  • Increases in a sense of balance and well-being

  • Increases in energy levels and overall productivity

  • Improve levels of attention, concentration, and focus

  • Stronger immune system

  • Functioning with a clearer mind

  • Increases a sense of connection, meaning, and purpose with life

  • Possessing a skill set that can be applied any time and anywhere​

What should I expect that may be the unexpected?

  • Personal feelings of discomfort may arise at the initial stage

  • Some sacrifices (e.g. habitual practices) may have to be made

  • Feeling more relaxed and spacious

  • Coming to face with oneself in dealing with stuff

  • Opportunity to see yourself and the world with a fresh pair of eyes

  • Feeling more connected within ourselves as well as with others and becoming more open empathetically

  • Learning to appreciate life better

  • Having a greater sense of well-being, fulfilment in life and level of happiness

What our students say

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G. Huang

" I feel relaxed and calm. I got inspired by others' sharing too!

It's really good to know the different ways to focus on the present moment."

Image by Chris Benson

Rajah G.

Doing the MBSR course has taught me a lot about myself and how I deal with my thoughts, feelings and emotions. 

It has definitely helped me learn to cope better at work  and I am now able to deal with stress a lot better than before I came into this course.

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Ashley T.

Feeling more mindful about the things around me and a little lighter than before I came to this programme, where I felt heavier with my daily workload. Appreciating everything around me much better.

Living with the new norm

With the recent introduction to Covid-19, our MBSR programme has been running in a hybrid format since circuit breaker started. However, we hope to bring MBSR back into our physical space at Serene Space

This means that starting November 2020 over 8 weeks, the programme will be held at our physical space.
However, in the case that situations in the country does not improve, and the course is required to still be done "hybrid", sessions may be conducted virtually via Zoom, and/or face-to-face. There may also be a possibility that the course will be conducted fully online if situation requires.

We understand that our course serves a community that earn a range of incomes. We provide fee options for those who are in need of financial support. In order to extend support to as many participants as possible, we depend on you to select the option that most closely represents your financial ability.


Enrolment fee: $395 - 695

With that in mind, an additional note on offering to make full contribution is that the difference contributed by these participants will support the participation of the those who are only able to offer less. Another great consideration is that an up-front financial commitment is also helpful for your personal commitment to the course and practice.

Kindly note that availability of each course series is on first come first served basis. As we like to keep to the quality of running the course, we limit our group size between 10-12 participants per group only. We would encourage you to register to attend the course early to secure your space for the course. 

Still like to find out more details about the course?

Join us at one of the pre-MBSR info sessions!

In this session, you will get an insight to what is mindfulnesswhat happens during the course of the 8 weeks, and also an opportunity to clarify your questions if you have any. Alternatively, you may also write in to us if you have any further questions and doubts.