"Mindfulness, yoga therapeutics and principles of exercise & sport science... A wonderful blend of Eastern philosophies and Western science. This creation of work for the health of body and the mind can be unimaginable." ~ Danica

Yoga - a practice based in large part on self-awareness, self-love, and freedom from materialistic things ~Puravi Joshi

Yoga Therapeutics

The difference between yoga therapeutics and the yoga types that we see mostly out there is the element of healing. This means that in yoga therapeutics, we are interested in the physical, mental and spiritual (connection of our mind and body or mind-body awareness) aspects of the body when we work with our students. The brain and the physical body are basically one package and never really separate.


Hence, we work with people based on ways to improve their condition/s through yoga… and we do that by looking deeper and covering the connection between the asanas (or poses), physical and mental imbalances when the individual finds their time on the mat.

Why do people consider practicing yoga therapeutics?

  • It may be for individuals who experience physical, physiological and/or psychological challenges. Such as issues with muscle tension, joint or postural issues, sleep, the menstrual cycle, worries, anxiety, stress, chronic pain, alcoholism, depression and more.

  • In other cases, there may also be athletes/individuals who are looking for a complimentary practice to their training programme, rehabilitation or pre/post-rehabilitation process.

  • Very often too, people come to practice yoga therapeutics because they simply wish to keep themselves healthy and well holistically.

In many cases, we work closely with the doctors and therapists of our clients, especially if they still have ongoing consultation, treatment or therapy sessions.….

All in all, we get to work with professionals such at the counsellors, physiotherapists, psychotherapists, sport coaches, sport massage therapists, and other healthcare professionals..

While Western medicine's common approach of healing is based on curing and a visit to do doctor usually happens only after something has occured, the believe here is similar to that of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).


One does not have to fall sick or get injured to only then practice yoga therapeutics… Just like the approach in TCM , anyone can definitely practice yoga therapeutics for holistic health or prevention reasons.

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